4 Niche with Harp Columns CREM-407-S

Our Columbaria are available for ONLINE PURCHASE in two colors, Interglo Grey and Deep Gray. All other COLORS need to be special order by PHONE, additional charges may apply. Call for special orders: +1 866-946-0030

"Once you place your order with us the first step is to contact the cemetery where we do a “Cemetery Verification”; meaning we check on all rules, regulations and requirements".

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4 Niche with Harp Columns Single Sided. 

Overall size: 36" x 14" x 32" with four 10.25" x 8" x 8.25" niches. Single large exterior door over all niches and interior doors over each niche. All polished exterior surfaces. With black doors. 

Shipped fully assembled. 

Weight: 1200 pounds. 

**Price does not include cost of optional heart carvings. 

* All prices are FOB Elberton, GA.  Prices are subject to change without notice. 

"Cremation Urns included with any columbarium purchase. Choose from the vast selection at Houseofurns.comPlease contact us for details." 

+1 866-946-0030 : Please phone for prices. 

(See important important notes regarding price and option below) 


Number of niches 4
Outside Dimensions 36"W x 14"D x 32"H
With Doors Yes
Niche Dimensions 10.25" x 8" x 8.25"
Weight 1200 pounds
Available in Other Colors No
Number of Sides One side
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Included within the sale price:

  • No Sales Tax (except in Illinois)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Layout Proof of Engraving (if applicable)
  • Arrange and Coordinate Approvals of the Chosen Columbaria with You (the buyer) and the Cemetery.
  • Arrange and Coordinate Delivery, and Installation with You (the buyer) and the Cemetery or Installation Company.

Additional Options not included in the sale price. (Please call to discuss)

  • Laser etching of artwork or photo image (available on black granite niche panels).
  • Inscription of family name at the top is $70, inscription of the name and dates of birth and passing on each niche panel is $55. Engraving of Epitaph is $2 per letter.
  • Photos
  • Personalized Artwork throughout the columbaria.

Additional Notes:

  • Our price does not include shipping or installation. Please contact us for a shipping quote, and for Columbaria.com to initiate the installation arrangement.
  • Depending on the cemetery, installation will be performed with either the cemetery’s authorized installer or a local professional installer, accepted by the cemetery.
  • Most cemeteries have regulations regarding the size, style, color, etc. of Columbaria permitted within the cemetery. Check with the cemetery for their columbarium specifications/restrictions.
  • Please ensure that the cemetery is paid (if applicable) the columbarium setting (and any other applicable) fees, BEFORE we ship the Columbaria to the cemetery.